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Passionate and Gentle Pet Stylist of Western NY

Is the fur on your canine friend overgrown and hiding your baby's true cuteness? Let me help! Located in Tonawanda, New York, The Groom Room Pet Spa Inc. is a full-service dog groomer offering professional haircuts, bathing, and special treatments to help dogs in New York look their best. 

I am the only grooming business in the area that allows you to watch your furry friends be groomed. So, feel free to sit back and relax in the lounge while we give your pets the best spa experience of their lifetime.

A Reliable, Licensed, and Registered Veterinary Technician

At The Groom Room Pet Spa Inc., I do everything from massaging baths and warm towel treatments for every client to condition-specific mud baths and more to create the full spa experience for your fur baby. Trust me to take care of your dog and I will combine 16 years of professional grooming experience with top-quality grooming and bathing products to comfort and beautify your beloved pet.

Specializing in senior dogs, I provide one-on-one grooming that will make your baby fresh, pampered and content, regardless of his or her age.

Contact Us Today

If you would like a gentle, comforting grooming experience for the furry ones in your family, call The Groom Room Pet Spa Inc. at 716-777-9809 to schedule a session. For any questions, email us at [email protected] .